gender 101

The Language of Gender, from Gender Spectrum
A good place to start.  Defines some basic terms and concepts.

Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time Has Come (link to pdf)
By Leslie Feinberg, trans activist.  A good overview of trans history.

Robot Hugs (webcomic) is a helpful resource for discussions about race, gender, sexuality, disability, and culture (and cats).  Here are a few concepts you should know:

Education (on oversimplifying gender)
• Pronoun Etiquette
• Privilege (a word that gets used a lot, and often misunderstood)

Recent media

There’s Finally Period Underwear for Transgender Guys (Cosmopolitan)

Transgender Women Picket as Caitlyn Jenner delivers First LGBT Keynote (DNA Info)

Houston’s Failed H.E.R.O. and National Transgender Civil Rights (On Point)

Illinois Transgender Student Wins Case (My Wabash Valley)

State of CA and Transgender Law Center Reach Historic Settlement Over Trans Prisoner Health Care (Transgender Law Center)

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articles, essays, and videos

Lesser Known Trans Women Pioneers From History (Autostraddle)

7 Ways Trans Masculine Folks Experience Emotional Abuse in Relationships (Trans Empowerment Network)

The 6 Questions I Get Asked Daily as the Wife of a Trans Guy (Bustle)

Everybody in Dresses: Why Does Gender Neutral Clothing Always Mean ‘Boy’ Clothes for Girls? (National Post)

Things I’ve Learned From Being Transgender That Aren’t About Being Transgender (Neutrois Nonsense)

How to Spot an Anti-Trans Concern Troll (Huffington Post)

Op Ed: What the Ruby Rose obsession misses about gender fluid lives (The Advocate)

Why We Need to Stop Policing the Gender of Men Who Like ‘Feminine’ Things (Everyday Feminism)

If Trans People Said The Stuff Cisgender People Say (Buzzfeed video on Facebook)

Personal stories

Topside Press, founded in 2011, is a new independent press with the intent of publishing authentic transgender narratives.

Trans Oral History Project

#InTheirWwords – Being Transgender in the U.S. (Interactive video from USA Today)

Our Deepest Insecurities About Being Trans

It’s Not a Race

No Soy Tu Chiste

Not Born This Way- On Transitioning as a transwoman who has never felt “trapped in the wrong body” (XO Jane)