Time and Location

Meetings are held on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Meeting guidelines

In order to have respectful and productive conversations where people feel safe to share openly and honestly, we ask that you follow these guidelines at meetings.

Assume good intentions
We appreciate that everyone comes to meetings with good intentions.

Intention versus impact
Sometimes well-intentioned words or actions can be hurtful.
Example:  Your toe still hurts even if the person didn’t *intend* to step on it.

1.)  Say “ouch” if you find someone’s words hurtful.
2.)  If someone says “ouch” in response to something you’ve said, acknowledge with an “oops.”
3.)  When there is an “ouch”, the group will pause and either address the situation at the time or after the meeting.

Speak from your own experience
Share stories you’ve lived, not a story you heard second hand.

All experiences are valid
Respect that two people may take away something different from the same situation.

Good communication practices
One person speaks at a time.  Be mindful of the amount of time that you speak.  We want everyone to be able to have their voice heard.

Respect others’ privacy
Do not disclose personal information outside of meetings.
(Additionally, “outting” a trans* person can put them in danger.)

Attend meetings sober

Adapted from Kendra’s ‘Community Guidelines for LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue.’